Kelly Mundell ’13

Graphic Design

Kelly Mundell '13I chose Becker because I liked the size of the College, and it was close to home. I went to a small high school and could not see myself going to a college that had classrooms that were the size of my entire high school.

I currently work as a marketing assistant at a local business, and I’m putting the skills that I learned at Becker to use every day. I help to design advertisements for upcoming events, as well as store promotions. Sometimes I work directly with companies to ensure my designs meet their marketing standards.

I am attending graduate school to get my master’s of education in visual arts. I hope to eventually become dually certified, so that I may either instill a love for art in elementary students, or teach graphic design to high school students to help prepare them for careers or college.

Becker taught me how to use programs like InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop most efficiently. I work with those programs every day. I also learned about typography and different design terminology, so I am able to professionally express what I am creating, and why I chose to create it that way. I learned that a compelling design isn’t just effective because it looks good; there’s reason and psychology behind it.

Since I was very young, I loved computers, and I always wanted to be a teacher. In my junior year of high school, I took a “Multimedia” class; it was basically Graphic Design 101. We did photography and Adobe Flash, and learned some basic skills in marketing, like how to make an effective advertisement. I picked up the program quickly and became a teacher’s aide as well.

During the same school year, one of my teachers gave me some very excellent advice. She knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  She told me that I should get my bachelor’s degree in something else that I really had an interest in, and pursue my teacher’s licensure and then get a master’s in some form of education.  That way, I could maximize my education, and have something to fall back on. I realized graphic design was the perfect fit! At the time I envisioned teaching during the school year and freelancing during school vacations. Graphic design is always needed somewhere. You can’t go a day without looking at something that someone designed.

I am extremely proud of my membership in Alpha Chi. When I first toured the Becker campus, I saw a car with an Alpha Chi decal on it. I knew that Becker didn’t have any sororities or fraternities, so I wondered what Alpha Chi was. When I learned that it was an honor society for the top ten percent of the junior and senior classes, I made up my mind that day that I wanted to earn my place in Alpha Chi. It took a lot of hard work, but in the end it was most certainly worth it.

I would advise future Becker students to work hard, but enjoy your time at Becker too! It did not seem like it at the time, but in retrospect, my four years at Becker were the fastest four years of my life.


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