Game Design Concentration Curriculum

Freshman Year

Sophomore Year

Junior Year

Senior Year

Students need to take four courses from a group to earn specialization.  Specializations are recorded on the academic transcript.  Students may choose to take four electives which are not grouped in a specialization.

3D Modeling and Animation Specialization

Game Audio Specialization

Video Game Management and Production Specialization

ACCT1002 Managerial Accounting
GAME4400 Advanced Topics in Game Development
MGMT3205 Organizational Behavior
ACCT2004 Entrepreneurial Accounting
MGMT2505 Small Business Entrepreneurship Management OR
MGMT2500 Small Business Management
MGMT3200 Financial Management
MKTG2104 Principles of Marketing
MKTG4400 Advanced Topics in Marketing
INFO3300 Business Analytics
MKTG4105 International Marketing

Creative Writing Specialization

Japanese Culture Specialization

Game Programming Specialization
Available to game design majors only

Art and Design Technique Specialization

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