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Policing/Law Enforcement Concentration

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
JUST1100 Criminal Justice System & Process 3 JUST1101 Homeland, Private & Public Security 3
ACAD1001 First Year Experience 2 JUST1105 Juvenile Justice System & Process 3
 INFO1001 Technology and Society  3 ENGL1003 Writing About Literature  3
SOCI1001 Introduction to Sociology  3 GOVT1109 State and Local Government  3
ENGL1001 English Composition I 3 PSYC1001 Introduction to Psychology  3
LGLS2102 Criminal Law 3
17 15

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
JUST2202 Crisis Intervention in Criminal Justice 3 ENFO2207 Police and the Community 3
JUST2203 Corrections, Systems & Process 3 JUST2209 Probation and Parole 3
ENGL2003 Public Speaking 3 Elective (Criminal Justice) 3
SOCI2001 Criminology 3 MATH1200 College Algebra 3
GOVT1108 American Government 3 Elective (Criminal Justice) 3
15 15

Junior Year

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
JUST3200 Criminal Procedure and Evidence 3 JUST3001 Police Administration and Management 3
FORE3100 Criminal Invesetigation 3 MATH2200 Statistics 3
JUST3100 Threat ASsessment and Management 3 SOCI3100 Juvenile Delinquency 3
JUST2204 Victimology & Victim Services 3 FORE2002 Collection/Preservation of Evidence 4
FORE2001 Introduction to Forensics 4 JUST3901 Policing/Law Enforcement Internship OR 3
Elective (Criminal Justice)
16 16

Senior Year

Fall Semester Credit Hours Spring Semester Credit Hours
JUST4001 Research in Criminal Justice 3 JUST4100 Directed Study in Criminal Justice and Legal Studies 3
PHIL3001 Ethics 3 GOVT4100 American Constitutional Law 3
PSYC2105 Social Psychology OR 3 SOCI4001 Data Analysis 3
PSYC3400 Abnormal Psychology Health Education Elective 3
History Elective 3 ENGL2102 Advanced Composition 3
Global Awareness & Diversity Elective 3
15 15
Total Credits: 124

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