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Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Maintaining and assuring our communities are safe depends upon those who are dedicated to careers in criminal justice and legal professions. These individuals have strong problem-solving skills, a passion for serving others, and a desire to make our society better. To learn more, call 877.523.2537, or email

Pre-Law Concentration

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that employment of lawyers is expected to grow by 10 percent from 2010-2020, about as fast as the average for all occupations, with work opportunities in a wide range of specializations such as environmental, tax, intellectual property, family, securities, litigation, and education.

The pre-law concentration prepares students for future studies related to a career in a legal setting, including work in a private practice or in large corporations, higher education, and administration. The skills developed in the classroom will provide students with options to continue their education in law school and placement in law enforcement, legal and juvenile justice, victims’ services and community-/institutional-based corrections areas, federal, state, and local level criminal justice and administrative agencies, law enforcement, corrections, and public and private security.

Domestic Counter-Terrorism Studies: Policy and Management Concentration

The study of the causes, methods, detection, and prevention of domestic terrorism provides critical background for careers in law enforcement and public policy, among others. The rise of domestic terrorism has created an urgent need for professionals who can lead communities and the nation in the prevention of mass shooting, bombings, or other incidents involving injury or death. The Becker College domestic counter-terrorism studies program will produce graduates prepared for careers in law enforcement, firefighting, government, law, emergency response and management, and research.

Courses include: the history and causes of domestic terrorism, public preparedness, emergency management, law enforcement techniques, and public policy. In addition, policies and methods for dealing with acts of terrorism will be explored. Students receive interdisciplinary training in advanced research into causes and management techniques, learning a wide range of skills necessary to anticipate, understand, and deal with incidents of terrorism. Courses in U.S. history and constitutional law and policy are also provided to prepare students for dealing with domestic threats.

Policing/Law Enforcement Concentration

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, jobs in the protective services/policing fields, such as crime prevention, crime control, and investigations—are projected to grow by 11% to 2020. Career options include work on the federal, state, or local level in a wide range of law enforcement/policing options.

The policing/law enforcement concentration provides students with an overview of law enforcement as well as the criminal justice system, criminal law, corrections systems, and more. Students selecting this concentration will benefit from courses that enhance their communication, analytical, and critical thinking skills in ways that will be relevant to a policing career.

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