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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Becker College business program provides students with knowledge of the principles of business, management, leadership, marketing, and sales through core classes and supporting courses, assorted electives, and a career internship experience in the junior or senior year. Graduates gain a solid understanding of the practical and theoretical aspects of business operations, are well-prepared for graduate study or to enter such fields as banking, retail, manufacturing, and government and nonprofit organizations. To learn more, call 877.523.2537, or email

Big Data Analytics Concentration

Big data analysis is the extraction of value from the large untapped pools of data in the digital universe. The “digital universe” is defined as a measure of all the digital data created, replicated, and consumed in a single year and includes things such as images and videos on mobile phones uploaded to YouTube, digital movies we watch on high-definition TVs, banking data swiped at an ATM, security footage at airports and major events, subatomic collisions recorded by the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, transponders recording highway tolls, voice calls on digital phone lines, and texting (John Gantz and David Reinsel, The Digital Universe in 2020, IDC iView, December 2012). It is predicted that the digital universe will double every two years between now and 2020.

Computer Information Systems Concentration

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the computer information industry will provide the top-eight growth jobs over the next eight years. Students majoring in the bachelor of science in business administration’s computer information systems (CIS) concentration have leading-edge tools and techniques in their grasp (MSDNAA, Rational Suite Enterprise, IBM products, and Oracle), as well as a solid foundation of business skills. CIS students establish a robust facility that prepares them to pursue either a business career with a strong understanding of how technology facilitates achieving business objectives, or a technology career with a firm grasp of how business objectives drive information systems toward achieving business goals. Within the CIS concentration, students may choose one or more specializations: analytics, project management, and networking and information security.

Project Management Specialization

The project management specialization prepares students for effective planning, management, budget control, and communications. Courses in organizational behavior, management processes, and accounting technique lay the groundwork for careers in management of any organization. Practical experience in the use of tools and techniques, and courses in team dynamics, principles of project management, technology, and risk management provide students with a broad skill set that will make them attractive to employers.

Sports Management/Coaching Specialization

The sports management/coaching specialization provides students who are passionate about sports and business with the training they need to pursue a number of interests, including coaching and training a wide range of age levels, managing and marketing athletes, or even launching a sports or fitness business. Students learn the skills of sports management and coaching techniques, combined with the fundamentals of business and enterprise:   organizational psychology, issues related to sports medicine, risk management, and governmental relations.

Sports Marketing Specialization

Sports marketing is a growing field that presents a wide range of career opportunities. The Becker College sports marketing specialization program teaches the fundamentals of marketing in the digital age, with an emphasis on communications and social media. Courses offer perspective on current marketing practices and how they are specifically applied to sports. The program provides a base for those who wish to directly enter the sports marketing field, or who wish to pursue careers sports-oriented careers in law, research, and corporate management.

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