Matthew Wester '12

Bachelor's degree in business management and marketing

Marketing and management major Matthew WesterMatthew Wester is no ordinary 20-year-old student. The Becker College business management and marketing major serves on the Connecticut Zoning Board of Appeals and manages a staff of 35 employees at a seasonal restaurant in his hometown. Wester turned to Becker College for the required education and training in management to aid in his current positions as well as his future employment opportunities. He plans to one day become a city or town administrator, using his business acumen and Becker degree to effectively manage a municipality.

As part of the Franklin Loew Lecture Series at Becker College, the Speaker of the Massachusetts House of Representatives, Robert DeLeo, gave a poignant speech on the state of the Massachusetts economy and its future. Upon completion, a young man stood up in the back of the auditorium and delivered two articulate, thought-provoking questions that would seem to come only from a seasoned journalist: “In light of the Massachusetts budget deficit, is the state considering any new additional sources of revenue? For example the value-added tax?” “Also, in the recent census the population of Massachusetts has declined, leaving the state with one fewer U.S. Congressional Representative. What effects does that have at the state level?” The Speaker, widely considered the most powerful man in Massachusetts, hesitated for a moment as if to gather his thoughts, commended the gentleman on the inquiries, and responded with answers worthy of its sophistication. Following the question-and-answer portion of the program, the Speaker waded through the crowd to find the young man and see what publication he was writing for. To his surprise, the gentleman in question was Matthew Wester.

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