Equine management at Becker College
Learn about the equine industry.

Learn about the equine industry.

Studies include equine show and sport facility management, stable management and breeding, and more.

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Kayla Kershaw '13, equine management

Kayla Kershaw '13, equine management

"The doors have been opening up for me since I started at Becker College."

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Equine Management Concentration

With over 9.2 million horses in the United States, the equine industry generates billions of dollars each year. Individuals who have both technical knowledge and practical experience working with horses can enjoy careers in such industries as: equine show and sport facility management, stable management and breeding, and equine business management. Students who have a passion for horses will find a significant number of fulfilling and rewarding careers in the equine industry.

The Becker College equine management concentration combines studies on the care and handling of horses and other equine-specific classes with business administration course work in the College’s business administration program. As part of the learning experience, students care for horses at the Becker College Equestrian Center, located in picturesque Paxton, Mass. In addition, a range of electives is available, as is a senior-year career internship.

Becker College graduates in this program will be able to demonstrate an understanding of business and management concepts, and competency in the care, handling, and management of horses of all ages and physical abilities.

To learn more about the Becker College equine management concentration, call 877.523.2537 or email admissions@becker.edu.

Learn more about the bachelor's degree in equine studies.

Learning Outcomes:

Students will critically evaluate a company’s goals, strategy, financial health, competitive position, and commitment to ethical principles and social responsibility, and they will apply management and leadership theories to make recommendations for improvement.

Students will provide evidence of written and oral communication skills through essays, case analyses, exams, presentations, and/or projects.

Students will gain experience in their concentration through an internship, field experience, or a practicum.

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