School of Animal Studies Success Stories

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  • Emma Pedraza '18, Pre Veterinary

    Emma Pedraza '18, Pre Veterinary

    “I have never lived anywhere other than hot and sunny California. We don’t have seasons, we don’t get much rain, and we don’t even have much green grass. I had never experienced late summer thunderstorms, fall leaves, apple picking, snow, or sledding."

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  • Jessica Szorentini '13, Veterinary Technology/Science

    Jessica Szorentini '13, Veterinary Technology/Science

    Jessica Szorentini ’13 has wanted to work with animals since she was a young child—so much so that when she came to Becker to study animal science, she found herself working as one.

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  • Jen Branstetter ’10, Animal Care; Business

    Jen Branstetter ’10, Animal Care; Business

    Have you ever wondered where canines used in law enforcement programs come from? Jen Branstetter ’10 can tell you—she uses her associate’s degree in animal care and bachelor’s degree in business from Becker College in her career training dogs for patrol, detection, or personal protection.

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  • Emma Crooker '13, Lab Animal Management

    Emma Crooker '13, Lab Animal Management

    Emma Crooker '13 formed a strong bond with a beagle named Helix in the kennel at the College’s Lenfest Animal Health Center...

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  • Kim Flink '07, Pre-Veterinary

    Kim Flink '07, Pre-Veterinary

    When Kim Flink '07 was at Becker College, she worked as a teacher’s assistant for three years, covering weekend and holiday husbandry rounds for the College’s animals...

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  • Jen Garner '10, Animal Care

    Jen Garner '10, Animal Care

    After graduating from Becker College, Jen Garner '10 utilized her animal care and business management background to begin her pursuit of opening a K9 training and care facility...

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  • Carrie Ann Hart '11, Veterinary Technology

    Carrie Ann Hart '11, Veterinary Technology

    Since graduating from Becker College in 2011, Carrie Ann Hart has worked at Seasport Veterinary Hospital in Seasport, Maine, treating mostly cats and dogs—with the occasional rabbit or ferret...

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  • Rachel Weidele '11, Veterinary Science

    Rachel Weidele '11, Veterinary Science

    When Rachel Weidele '11 was a Becker College student, she completed internships at multiple sites, including Lee County Domestic Animal Services in Fort Myers, Florida, and the Mazunte Turtle Project in Oaxaca, Mexico...

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  • Even More Success

    Even More Success

    Learn about past and present animal science majors...

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