Kim Flink '07

Bachelor's degree in veterinary science with a
pre-veterinary concentration

pre-vet major Kim FlinkWhen Kim was at Becker College, she worked as a teacher’s assistant for three years, covering weekend and holiday husbandry rounds for the College’s animals. She attended job fairs at the College and became interested in working in the animal research field. When she was a senior, she interned in the Department of Animal Medicine at UMass Medical School. Upon graduation, she first worked at UMass Medical School as a veterinary technician, assisting with mouse breeding colonies, daily health rounds, and surgery. She then became a research veterinary technician at Tufts Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, in the Division of Teaching and Research Resources. There she works with different species, assists with the veterinary student labs, manages the sentinel program, orders supplies and pharmaceuticals, and assists with the treatment of animals and in surgeries. Since she began working at Tufts, she has become involved with research projects such as a study on brown bats with white nose syndrome. She has completed her LAT certification and is currently studying for LATg certification.

About her Becker College experience, Kim says, “My education from Becker has helped me in many ways. It gave me basic skills I use every day, such as handling and restraint of different species, blood collection, veterinary terminology, and working in animal research. Without it, I wouldn’t have the general information needed for many different aspects of my job.”

Kim Flink with pigkim flink with pig

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