FAQs: School of Animal Studies Programs

Thank you for your interest in the School of Animal Studies at Becker College. You may find answers to some of your questions here, or at www.becker.edu.

Programs of Study

  • Animal Care*
  • Veterinary Technology*
  • Veterinary Science: Equine Studies Concentration
  • Veterinary Science: Laboratory Animal Management Concentration
  • Veterinary Science: Pre-Veterinary Concentration
  • Veterinary Science: Clinical and Laboratory Animal Medicine Concentration

*Denotes Associate of Science degree

Animal Care

Is it okay to be unsure about a career in animal care?

What is the difference between the animal care and the veterinary technology programs?

After earning an associate degree in animal care, can I also earn a bachelor’s degree?

As a graduate of the animal care and/or laboratory animal management program(s), am I eligible for National Laboratory Animal Technician certification?

What are some career paths for animal care program graduates?

Veterinary Technology

As a graduate of the veterinary technology program, am I eligible for certification?

Veterinary Science Concentrations

What differentiates Becker College's veterinary science programs from other colleges’ pre-vet programs?

What are the requirements for applying to the veterinary science programs?

Can you explain the difference between the various concentrations available for bachelor of science in veterinary science students?

Can I specialize in one species?

How soon after starting the program do I work with live animals?

Where do graduates find employment?

What can a Becker graduate do with a B.S. in veterinary science that they cannot do with an A.S. in veterinary technology?

What percent of pre-vet students get into vet school?

What colleges of veterinary medicine have accepted Becker graduates?

Can students minor in other programs?

How easy is it for me to switch programs?

Equine Studies Concentration

What can I do with a degree in equine studies concentration?

Can I specialize in one area of equine studies?


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