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CBielitzHeadShot 144 x 200The landscape of higher education is significantly changing—and the Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies is keeping pace.  Although Becker College is an institution steeped in a collective history that dates back to 1784, we have always kept an eye to the future.  Every step we take in this new and ever-shifting educational landscape is done with the intention of keeping us focused on being relevant, connected, and engaged in meeting the needs of today’s professions.

Programs at Becker are specifically designed not just to prepare our students for jobs and industries that exist today, but to also instill within them the knowledge and skills they will need to help them be competitive when new jobs and industries emerge. We do this by creating an entrepreneurial ethos and by providing an education that delivers a transformative learning experience to each of our students.

We live in a global society. We instruct our students on the importance of being global citizens—those who have attained the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that enable them to understand world cultures and events, and appreciate social differences. Our mission is to prepare Becker College students to apply this knowledge and appreciation to their lives as citizens and professionals so that they may thrive, contribute to, and lead in a global society.

Here at Becker College we understand that a competitive society is formed by competitive people.  The Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies strives to instill that competitive nature in our students through our curriculum, our culture, and our community.

We are proud of our graduates and of their accomplishments. The education they received at Becker has changed their lives in many ways, both personally and professionally. I invite you to learn more about our excellence and I look forward to the day I can call you a Becker College alumnus.

Colleen Bielitz, M.S.
Dean, Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies

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