Online Learning

There are a variety of courses available in an online format for our adult learners.  This includes all courses for the certificate in interactive media design, the certificate in project management, and the new certificate in writing for screen and digital media.  The Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies also offers online courses over intersession each winter.

Becker is always working to make more courses available online to meet the needs of our students, so this list is updated regularly. Please feel free to check back and see what new courses are available.

Online course offerings include:

EDUC1001 Behavior in the Young Child
ENGL1001 English Composition I
ENGL1003 Writing about Literature
ENGL2302 Short Story
ENGL2405 Leadership & Literature
ENGL2604 Screenwriting Basics I
ENGL2605 Screenwriting Basics II
ENGL3205 Creative Writing
ENGL3604 Writing for Digital Media
ENGL3605 Writing for Animation
ENVS1002A Environmental Science II
EXSC3105 Nutrition
GAME1001 History of Game Development
GAME1120 Introduction to Game Design
GAME3111 Computer Illustration for Game Design
GAME3120 3D Modeling
GAME 3130 3D Animation
GAME3170 Game Production and Prototyping
GRPH2130 Techniques of Raster Imaging
HIST1308 U.S. History I
HUMN2405 Religions of the World
HUMN3100 Intercultural Communication
HUMN3502 Ancient Cultures & Heroes
INFO1001 Technology & Society
JUST1100 Criminal Justice Systems & Process
JUST2204 Victimology & Victim Services
LGLS3292 Conflict Resolution
MATH1200 College Algebra
MGMT1805 Introduction to Project Management
MGMT2200 Principles of Management
MGMT2505 Small Business Entrepreneurship
MGMT2606 The Business of Screenwriting
MGMT2805 Project Planning & Control
MGMT3705 Business Ethics & Social Responsibility
MGMT3805 Project Team Management
MGMT3806 Influence, Decision Making & Problem Solving in Project Management
MGMT4805 Project Management Capstone
MKTG2101 Advertising
MKTG2104 Principles of Marketing
PHIL1001 Introduction to Philosophy
PSYC1001 Introduction to Psychology
PSYC1107 Human Growth & Development
SOCI1001 Introduction to Sociology

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