Writing for Screen and Digital Media

Each year, close to 150 feature films, more than 50 made-for-TV movies, and nearly 100 weekly TV series are produced by major studios and networks. Each of these productions—as well as indie films, documentaries, and more—started with a screenwriter and a script.

If you love the movies and television and dream of creating a visual story that is compelling, entertaining, and captivating, then it’s time to explore your talents and make your dreams come true. You may also be interested in the growing field of web-based content. No matter what your interest, you’ll learn from industry professions who will not only guide you through the writing process to create dynamic scripts, but also teach you about the business side of the industry so you can be successful.

Program Description

A professional screenwriter is responsible for creating the scripts used for television shows and films. This exciting profession represents one of the highest-paying writing specialties (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics), offers a variety of genres to choose from—horror, comedy, drama, web-based content, and more—allows for freelance opportunities, and promotes creativity and self-discovery.

This intensive, online multimedia certificate program offered by the Becker College Center for Accelerated & Professional Studies is intended for aspiring creative writers interested in the art of screenwriting for film, television, and digital media. The program welcomes anyone who is interested in screenwriting, but some experience in creative writing is helpful. The program serves as an introduction to the world of screenwriting and covers screenplay format, understanding story and characters, creating loglines (a one-sentence summary of the script), and a beat sheet (a list of sequential storyline “beats” used to break a script down to its most basic form). Upon completion of the two required writing courses, students should have finished a first draft of their screenplay.

If you would like more information about the Certificate in Writing for Screen and Digital Media, watch our full length 12-minute informational video.

Meet the Entertainment Industry Faculty

Admissions Requirements

The Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies offers a rolling admission option; applications are accepted throughout the year.

Requirements include:

  • Completed signed application and payment of application fee ($40.00)
  • If prior college credit(s) earned > copy of official college transcript(s) required
  • If no prior college credit(s) earned > proof of high school diploma or GED

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If you have any questions or need any assistance you can contact us at accel@becker.edu or 508.373.9500.

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