Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management Concentration

The accelerated bachelor of science degree program in business administration (BSBA), with a management concentration, is designed for the working adult who is looking to advance their career. Class time is spent studying ‘real work’ environments, examining case studies, and participating in work simulations, team projects and breakout sessions. This approach is designed to provide the BSBA candidate with the strategic, managerial, leadership and change management skills essential for today’s dynamic business workplace.

Program Description

The BSBA focuses on 16 core management courses, taken sequentially, in a ‘Cohort’ format. This means you will be working with a group of students whose goals and objectives are similar to yours. Your fellow classmates will be your ‘working partners’ over the next 20-22 months. Classes meet one night a week for four (4) hours, with the expectation that student-led study groups will take place outside of class each week.

Becker College offers a class for the assessment of non-classroom learning through the development of a portfolio, which encompasses life experience and professional training.

Tuition Reimbursement

Many employers offer tuition reimbursement as part of their employee benefit package. Becker College does accept this benefit from those students who are eligible for tuition reimbursement through their employer. The eligible student is required to complete a tuition reimbursement form and provide documentation of their employer’s tuition reimbursement policy. A $75.00 fee per semester is also required.

Admissions Requirements

The Center for Accelerated and Professional Studies offers a rolling admission process; applications are accepted throughout the year. Requirements include:

  • Completed signed application
  • Successful completion of several college-level courses is required prior to admission into a cohort
  • A minimum of 2 – 3 years of full-time work experience
  • Prior college credit(s) earned > copy of official college transcript(s) required
  • No previous college experience > proof of high school diploma or GED required
  • Assessment testing may be required

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