Student Academic Support Services (SASS)



Dr. Michael Durant, Jr.

Assistant Dean for Student Academic Support Services 

Dr. Michael Durant, Jr. is the Assistant Dean of Student Academic Services at Becker College in Worcester, MA.  In his role as Assistant Dean, Michael has total oversight of all student support services units at the college, including the Collaborative Learning Center, the Office of Disability Services, the Office of First Year Experience, the Office of Sophomore Year Experience, Supplemental Instruction and Learning Communities Activities, and the Academic Advising Center.

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Academic Advising Center  


Joan Shea

Coordinator for Academic Advising.

Joan Shea joined Becker College in 2009 as an adjunct professor teaching Technology and Society, and Substance Abuse Group Work.  In late 2011, with the implementation of a Title III grant, Joan was hired part-time as coordinator of Academic Advising. In late 2013, the position became full-time with the addition of Master Track Advising. Joan continues to teach First Year Experience and advise first year students. She is a member of NACADA (The global community for academic advising).

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Sophomore Year Experience (SYE)

Daniel-ChapmanDaniel Chapman

Coordinator for Sophomore Year Experience and Study Abroad 

Becker College Sophomore Year Experience (SYE) and Study Abroad Coordinator. Dan received his B.S. in Cultural Anthropology (97’), and M.S. in College Student Development and Counseling (01’), both from Northeastern University, Boston, MA. He is an adjunct faculty member teaching Freshman Year Experience (FYE). Dan is also a First Year advisor, academic coach, and member of the Student Support Team.

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The Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) 


Micky Roberts

Assistant Director of the Collaborative Learning Center
ADA/Disability Services Coordinator

Micky has a strong background in the Special Education/Mental Health field which she worked in for 20 years before she became an employee of Becker College. She started in July, 2011 as a Humanities Specialist and worked with students who had specific learning disabilities. Micky then became the Disability Specialist in October of 2013, and has also assumed the role of the Assistant Director of the Collaborative Learning Center.


Brenda Hackett

Coordinator of the Collaborative Learning Center

Brenda has been with the Collaborative Learning Center at Becker College since 2008. She began as an Academic Specialist with a focus on the Humanities.  In the fall of 2011, Brenda became the Supplemental Instruction Coordinator for the Leicester campus. As of spring 2013, she began to serve as the Program Coordinator for the Leicester campus, and has assumed the responsibility of an Academic Success Coach which will begin this fall.


Kyle Hess

Retention Software Coordinator 

Kyle first came to Becker College through the Leicester CLC in early 2011, where he covered the CLC’s evening hours.  Fall of 2011, he started full-time as an Academic Specialist in the CLC and Supplemental Instruction Coordinator for the Worcester campus.  In spring 2013, Kyle added Retention Software Coordinator to his responsibilities.  He is in charge of managing the Starfish retention tool, as well as TutorTrac in the CLC.

Michelle-BarnesMichelle Barnes

Administrative Assistant 

Michelle started at Becker College in 1999, working as a faculty Secretary.  Over the next 9 years, Michelle worked with the Education department and worked directly with Dean Fuller.  In 2008, Michelle transitioned to an Administrative Assistant position in the CLC and continues to serve the CLC in multiple capacities today.  She oversees scheduling for peer tutors, facilitates student testing and proctoring of exams and ensures the CLC runs smoothly.

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