What Is Gateway?

The Becker College Gateway Program is designed to give students who need to take foundations math course, a head start before the fall semester begins.

Foundations Math

At Becker College, placement in a foundation math course is determined by each student’s skill level assessed during Accuplacer placement testing.  While these courses do not count toward graduation credit, their completion is required before moving to college level courses.

Normally, students are placed into these courses during the fall semester of the first year.  The Gateway Program provides students with the opportunity to complete the required foundations courses online during the summer, before the school year begins. Math courses being offered include:

  • MATF 1001: Foundations for College Math (all majors, including Animal Care and Equine Studies)
  • MATF 1002: Math for Health Sciences (Nursing and Pre-Vet students)

In the online course, students work at their own pace to complete the course, with online tutorials, assistance from their instructor, and guidance from a peer mentor.

Participation in the Gateway Program is free, however, students are required to purchase their textbook(s) for the class.

Peer Mentor

Students will have an additional layer of support during the program, as they will be linked with a Peer Mentor.  These mentors consist of upperclassmen that are trained to help students transition to the College and support them throughout the Gateway Program. Mentors will be connecting with their group of students, and will encourage students to share their ideas in an online community and also support each other as they progress in the same course of study.

Important Dates to Remember

Registration Begins - Monday, June 2, 2014

Last Day to Register – Friday, July 11, 2014

Last Day to Log In to Canvas to Begin Class - Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Last Day to Complete Class - Friday, August 14, 2014

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