First Year Experience

The First Year Experience program assists incoming students in their successful transitions to both academic and non-academic areas of Becker College. The office provides an interactive first year semester course, peer mentors, connections with resources on campus, and interactive educational and community experiences that help students transition into college life. By assisting students in identifying their purpose at the College and in the global community, the First Year Experience Program serves to empower students to become independent, critical thinkers.

ACAD 1001: Strategies for Academic Success Course

This is a 2-credit, 15 week course students who have below 12 credits are required to take during their first semester at Becker. This class is structured to be a different type of experience than the traditional lecture style course.

Students will be:

  • introduced to resources on campus
  • develop effective communication skills through writing assignments and oral presentations
  • increase self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and self-esteem; explore career interests
  • develop self-management skills to increase student success
  • improve critical thinking skills for analyzing situations and solving problems, and explore the concept of community as it relates to the Core Values of the College.

“I was, without a doubt, a nervous wreck in August; FYE made the transition into college very smooth and almost easy. I would absolutely recommend it for any incoming freshman.”

-  Fall 2012 first year student

Faculty/Staff Interaction

Faculty and staff teach these courses and connect with the student on a personal level, providing academic and personal support as the students progress through their first semester.

“[My instructor] is a great person. She has helped me on numerous occasions and her class really made me step back and reevaluate my life, my values and my goals.”

-  Fall 2012 first year student

“ [My instructor] is a serious instructor that knows what he is talking about. He cares about the well-being of his students. He is very professional and did an excellent job in teaching this course.”

-  Fall 2012 first year student

First Year Advisors

In many sections of the FYE course, the instructor is also the students’ academic advisor. This allows the advisor to interact with and get to know the student on a more personal level by having him/her in class twice per week. This is particularly helpful during the time of pre-registration.

“Having my Academic Advisor as my FYE instructor was very helpful. He was able to get to know me outside of the advising meetings that we had, which helped both of us within the advising process. He is also a professor that I will have next year, so it was a good way to make a good first impression both inside the classroom and outside the classroom.”

Fall 2012 first year student

First Year Course Assistants (FYCAs)

If you're interested in becoming an FYCA for the 2014 academic year please review the job description and apply here.

Upper class student leaders are trained to assist with teaching the class and supporting students as they progress through both the fall and spring semesters. FYCAs encourage attendance of clubs meetings, community events, tutoring sessions, and serve as a student mentor inside and outside of the classroom.

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