Computer Labs and Use

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) supports computer resource areas for the College. Except for units designated for special purposes, all units allow student access to the Internet, email, and Microsoft Office. Each area has its own network printer and paper supplies. Some of the software products supported are: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, PhotoShop, SPSS, Flash, Dreamweaver and AutoCAD. Every classroom has high-speed access to the Internet. Each student receives his or her own account and password for email.  You may access your Becker College student email account by going to the student email system.

The Arnold C. Weller Jr. Academic Building on the Worcester campus has general-purpose labs of different sizes for classes and student use. This building also houses computer labs with testing software, general-purpose units located in the library, and units located in the Centers for Academic Success. The Health Science Education Center has three classroom labs used for classes pertaining to those majors. The Borger Academic Building on the Leicester campus has one large general-purpose lab for class and student use in addition to a smaller lab for student use and the Swan Library has general-purpose units.

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