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Non-Matriculating Student Status

Non-Matriculating student status is given to students wishing to take individual courses without initially enrolling in a degree program. Students seeking Non-Matriculating student status must be a high school graduate or have earned a GED*. Student will need to bring proof of graduation/GED to the Registrar's office to enroll. Non-Matriculating students may take up to three (3) courses before they must enroll in a degree program. Students may enroll in courses as long as course prerequisites have been met. For approval, Non-matriculating students must submit documentation of prior course work to the Chief Academic Officer. All materials submitted in the application for Non-Matriculating student status will become part of the application folder when applying to a degree program.

*11th and 12th grade students may be permitted to take courses after submitting a written recommendation from his/her high school principal and guidance counselor, high school transcript, ability take the course (meet the course pre-requisite or equivalent), potential Accuplacer testing and interview by the Chief Academic Officer.