Grade Appeals

If a student believes a grade received was not what it should have been due to error or deliberate action, the College has an appeal process under which the student appeal may be successively reviewed until a resolution is reached.

The reasons for the appeal must be clearly stated. Appropriate reasons for a grade appeal include but are not limited to:

  1. faculty error
  2. grades have been assigned in a manner other than that stated on the course syllabus or other published course documents
  3. grades have been assigned in a manner inconsistent with how they were assigned to other students in that course


Note: Dissatisfaction with a grade is not a rationale for appeal.

Possible resolutions in the appeal process may include the following:

  1. It is determined that indeed an error was made, the grade appeal is approved, and the Registrar corrects the grade.
  2. The student receives an adequate explanation that there are no grounds for the grade to be changed and the student does not continue the appeal process.
  3. The student grade appeal is successively denied by the Instructor, Chair/Director, Dean (if applicable), and is heard by the Student Affairs Committee, who make a recommendation to the Chief Academic Officer who determines the final decision.


Steps of the Grade Appeal Process:

Note: The timeline for each level of the appeal process is ten (10) days following receipt of the grade or completion of the previous step. Each step must be completed in writing (email and email attachments are acceptable).


  1. The student must appeal the final grade in writing to the Instructor within ten (10) days of receiving the final grade.  If the faculty member has not responded to the first level of appeal within ten (10) days, the student may proceed to level two (2).
  2. If the matter is not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the second level of appeal is for the student to submit the appeal to the department chair or program director.
  3. If the matter is still not resolved to the satisfaction of the student, the third level of appeal is for the student to submit the appeal in writing to the Dean of the School in which the course involved is taught. If the course is taught in Humanities or Accelerated where there is no Dean, the student should proceed to step 4.
  4. Grade Appeals which are not resolved to the student’s satisfaction in steps 1-3 may then be heard by the Student Affairs Committee. To facilitate this process, communications to the Student Affairs Committee should be directed to the Executive Assistant for Academic Affairs at


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