Freshman Schedules / Placement Testing

All entering freshmen students are required to take the  Accuplacer screening assessment tests in Mathematics unless transfer credits have been accepted, or unless they meet the conditions for waiver of Accuplacer based on SAT or ACT scores, which are described below. The results of the Accuplacer are the basis for the student’s placement into appropriate courses. Based on testing results, the following restrictions may apply to freshmen who are required to take foundations courses:

  • Foundation courses will be scheduled during the first semester of the freshmen year;
  • Foundations courses cannot be dropped;
  • Freshmen who are taking foundations courses are restricted to 15 credits for the semester;
  • Students who fail to achieve a satisfactory grade in a foundations course will be required to repeat it in the following semester.

Although transfer students and first-year students who graduated from high school more than one year ago are not required to submit official SAT/ACT test score results as part of the admissions process, students are encouraged to do so as these scores may waive them from taking the required math Accuplacer exam. Waiver of Accuplacer based on SAT or ACT scores:

Students with a minimum score of 500 on the SAT-M (or ACT score of 22) are waived from the Mathematics components of the Accuplacer and placed into MATH1200, College Algebra. Students who wish to take the Mathematics components of the Accuplacer to attempt a higher level Mathematics placement are encouraged to do so; the placement into MATH1200 by SAT will not be jeopardized.

Students with a minimum score of 570 on the SAT-M (or ACT score of 26) will be placed in the next mathematics course required or recommended for their major course of study. An SAT-M score of 650 (or ACT score of 30) allows for placement into Calculus. These students will still be required to take the number of mathematics courses required by their degree program.