Course Withdrawals and Changes

Individual Course Withdrawals

If the student drops a course before the last day to add or drop a course (see the Academic Calendar), the course is not recorded on the student’s record. A grade of W is given to a student who withdraws from a course after the last day to add or drop a course, but before the last day to withdraw without a grade. If a student drops a course after the last day to withdraw from a course without a grade, the student will receive a grade of WF for that course. WF grades negatively affect the GPA. The instructor may request a grade of WP, which will not affect the GPA.

Course Changes- New Students (non-transfer)

Changes in course registration may be made during the add/drop period by securing a course add/drop form from the Registrar’s office or using INSITE.

Course Add: Students who fail to get the proper approval (if needed) or to return the form or register on INSITE by the close of business on the final add/drop date posted on the Academic Calendar, will not receive credit for the course involved and may jeopardize chances to enroll into another available course.

Course Drop: If a student fails to drop a course by the end of the add/drop period, never attends a class or stops attending a class for which s/he was registered, s/he may ultimately receive a failing grade for the course(s) not dropped. Courses dropped during the add/drop period will not appear on the student’s record. Courses dropped after the add/drop period will be recorded with a grade of W, WP or WF.

Course Withdrawal: Unless allowed by individual instructor’s syllabus attendance policy, students will not be automatically withdrawn from a course simply due to their attendance. The student must formally withdraw from a course she/he no longer wishes to attend. Course withdrawal forms are in the Registrar’s office.

Course Changes- Current Students & New Transfers

  1. All course add/drops must be completed via Insite by the end of the add/drop period.
  2. Course withdrawals – same as #3 above.

Any course changes may result in an adjustment of one’s billing and/or affect one’s financial aid, housing eligibility, and/or athletic eligibility.



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