Course Withdrawals and Changes

Complete Withdrawals

A student wishing to withdraw from the college must follow this procedure*:

  • Pick up a withdrawal form in the Office of the Registrar.
  • Meet with his or her Academic Advisor.
  • Contact Financial Aid to determine the status of any financial aid that may be involved.
  • Contact Student Accounts to determine final balance.
  • Resident students must bring residence hall keys and student identification to Student Services. Commuting students must bring student identification to Student Services.
  • Take the form signed by each of the above persons to the Registrar’s Office (form is processed on the date received, not last date of attendance).

Students withdrawing without following this procedure will not be withdrawn from their courses. As a result, the student may receive failing grades in all courses and will not be eligible for fee refunds. This may jeopardize the student's ability to transfer to, or take courses at, other educational institutions. For individual course withdrawal, refer to the course changes section of the academic catalog.

A student who withdraws from the College at any time after the last day to add or drop a course will receive a grade of W in all the courses in which the student was registered at the time of the college withdrawal.

*Students may not withdraw from the College (from all courses) via Insite.

Individual Course Withdrawals

If the student drops a course before the last day to add or drop a course (see the academic calendar), the course is not recorded on the student’s record. A grade of W is given to a student who withdraws from a course after the last day to add or drop a course, but before the last day to withdraw without a grade which is after the 12th week of classes.  Students who withdraw from a class after the last day to withdraw without a grade will receive a WF which is calculated in the GPA. Grades of W do not affect the GPA but DO affect the course completion percentage, which is calculated for purposes of financial aid eligibility.

In order for the registrar’s office to process a course withdrawal, the student must submit appropriate documentation which includes evidence of communication with the faculty member, the student’s advisor, financial aid, and residence life.

Unless specified in individual instructor’s syllabus attendance policy and requested by the instructor, students will not be automatically withdrawn from a course due to their attendance. Formal withdrawal from a course after the add/drop period will require obtaining a form from the Registrar’s Office, which will need to be signed by student’s advisor.

Course Changes- New Students (non-transfer)

Changes in course registration may be made during the add/drop period using INSITE or by filling out a course add/drop form from the Registrar’s office.

Course Add/Drop:  Students may add or drop courses online via INSITE or in person within the registration deadlines (see academic calendar). To add or drop a course in person, by mail or by fax, use and ADD/DROP form at

Students may add courses until the Add/Drop deadline (see Academic Calendar). Students who drop courses on or before the Add/Drop deadline will be removed from class rosters, and the course will not appear on their transcripts. If a student drops a course after the Add/Drop deadline, this will be treated as a withdrawal and a “W” will appear on the student’s transcript for that course.
Any course changes may result in an adjustment of one’s billing and/or affect one’s financial aid, housing eligibility and/or athletic eligibility.