We live in a world in which average is over. In terms of employment, there remains a high value to attaining a college degree. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers Job Outlook 2014 report, bachelor’s degree graduates are most in demand by employers, with a lifetime earning potential much higher than those who end their education after high school. But employers look for more than a college graduate with the knowledge to perform a job; they look for a much broader skill set.

At Becker College, we prepare students for multiple jobs and careers, helping them develop the knowledge and skills that will enable them to attain success in their lives. We call this the agile mindset. It consists of four competencies: empathy, to uncover insights and human needs in times of ambiguity; divergent thinking, to find, frame, and address problems not yet known; an entrepreneurial outlook, to create value in all that they do; and strong social and emotional intelligence skills, to collaborate with others to create solutions.

Our core curriculum provides graduates not only with the knowledge to succeed in their chosen profession, but also with an agile mindset, so they have the soft skills to navigate complexity and disruption and thrive in the ever-changing global marketplace.

Becker College offers a wide range of areas of study:

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Major Fields of Study

With a placement rate of 95 percent, the academic programs at Becker College prepare you for a wide range of future professional opportunities while providing the necessary competencies to lead in a global society.  Faculty constantly review, evaluate, and update the curriculum to keep the programs current, which allows you to remain in alignment with emerging industry trends.  Courses in each major have been designed to give you the required knowledge-base and hands-on practical experience to rise to the top of your chosen profession.


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