President Johnson writes a blog, editorials, and is quoted in local, regional, and national media. Dr. Johnson's areas of expertise include higher education,  leadership, strategic marketing and planning, personal brand, diversity, and volunteerism. A collection of media clippings are archived below.

  • Cultivating the Agile Mindset

    Cultivating the Agile Mindset

    Since the 1700s in America, technology has had a direct, and often disruptive, impact on the way we work. The Industrial Revolution created new jobs, as well as evolved or even destroyed existing jobs.

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  • Boston Business Journal Executive Profile

    Boston Business Journal Executive Profile

    “We’re trying to create an entrepreneurial mind-set,” Johnson said. “We identified niche programs, identified creative things we can do that gives us space in the market and that makes us unique. The things we’ve done — a lot of other schools could do them, but not as quickly as us.”

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  • Education over incarceration

    Education over incarceration

    President Johnson's editorial, penned in advance of the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, was carried in a number of publications, including this link to the Detroit News.

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  • Building youth for the future

    Building youth for the future

    Some of the most innovative businesses in modern times were born on college campuses, including Google, Yahoo, FedEx and Dell. The best-known is probably Facebook, founded in Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room at Harvard and now boasting one billion users. But the story of the first giant social network is also a cautionary tale for those who would cultivate young talent in Massachusetts, because Facebook is famously the one that got away.

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  • Power Player

    Power Player

    President Johnson shares his views on global citizenship and the future of Becker College.

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  • The Road to a Presidency, The Path to Excellence

    The Road to a Presidency, The Path to Excellence

    Dr. Johnson reflects on his path to becoming the president of Becker College. His essay was published in the Boulé Journal.

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  • Becker in the Game

    Becker in the Game

    President Johnson and Lt. Gov. Timothy P. Murray announced that Becker College would host the Massachusetts Digital Games Institute.

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  • Animals, Humans, One Health

    Animals, Humans, One Health

    President Johnson co-authored this op-ed on One Health--the collaboration of human, animal, and environmental health professions--with Roger K. Mahr, DVM, chief executive officer of the One Health Commission.

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  • Two Minutes with Robert E. Johnson

    Two Minutes with Robert E. Johnson

    President Johnson took two minutes for a Q&A with Worcester Magazine.

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