Tuition & Fees

NEW Students to Becker College. Students who are starting in the FALL 2014 Semester

RETURNING Students to Becker College (Start term 2011, 2012, 2013)

Tradition Undergraduate Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Travel Expenses

During the school year, nursing students will be involved in clinical settings. Clinicals are normally secured by the College. Many of the affiliating facilities are not in the immediate Worcester area, so travel by public transportation or personal car and parking is necessary. The student will be responsible for any additional expenses, in addition to their uniforms.

**Becker College reserves the right to correct and amend this document and its contents when appropriate and as necessary.

Becker College Costs for Accelerated Studies for the Adult Learner

Late Fee & Collection Policy

Students will be charged for tuition and fees (as well as room and board for resident students) by Becker College when registering for their classes. Outstanding balances after the semester due date may be subject to a $150 Late Fee. In the event that they do not pay their tuition and fees and the college finds it necessary to send any unpaid balance (tuition, room, board and any other related fees) to a collection agency or attorney for collection, the student will be charged the collection fees and/or legal fees and court costs associated with the collection. These fees/costs will be added to the outstanding balance due to Becker College.



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