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The Office coordinates the production of all College publications and printed materials and manages the content and design of the Becker College website. The Office is the main source for Becker College news and works closely with media to heighten awareness of the College.

» Graphic Design
» Media Relations
» Public Affairs
» Editorial Services
» Photography/Videography
» Advertising
» The College Website
» Social Media
» Trademarks/Licensing

All projects begin with the submission of a Work Order Form. To discuss, evaluate, or plan marketing strategies or needs, contact the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications.

Graphic Design

Graphic design services include the development/design of print materials, production of specialty items, reprints, the creation of templates, sizing of photography, and more. All projects begin with the submission of a Work Order Form.

NOTE: Please submit your work order well in advance of a deadline, as the Office often has a number of other projects in progress. Work begins on a project once all content and photos have been submitted.

Media Relations

The Office is responsible for developing, implementing, and overseeing media and public relations initiatives that develop, maintain, and strengthen a positive public presence for Becker College in the media. The Interactive Media Communications Director serves as the direct point of contact with media; arranges media interviews with faculty, staff, and students; proactively pitches stories to the media; responds to media requests for expert commentary; serves as liaison to local, national, and international media outlets; publicizes and promotes campus events open to the public; produces press releases, statements, talking points, and opinion pieces; maintains a social media presence, and identifies internal and external issues that have the potential to generate public interest in the College or affect the College’s reputation. All media inquiries and opportunities should be routed through the Office.

Do you have a story idea?  Contact sandy.curewitz@becker.edu.

Public Affairs

The Office is responsible for communications about the College’s vision, mission, values, and more to various constituencies, including the news media, for the purpose of developing greater awareness about and support for the College.

Editorial Services

Consistency in editorial style is as important as brand identity.  Refer to the Editorial Style Guide or contact the Office for editing, proofreading, and other editorial assistance.


Request photography/videography services by completing and submitting a Work Order Form. The Office will determine if a staff member may be available to take photographs or if a photographer will need to be hired.

NOTE: Becker College owns all photographs and videography of students, faculty, staff, and adult members of the public taken at Becker College events, and reserves the right to use such media for College promotional materials, both digital and print. No photography and/or videography of minors can be taken or used without prior agreement through a Image Release Consent Form.


All advertising for the College and its people, events, and programs must be designed and approved by the Office. This ensures appropriate use of graphics and photography, factual accuracy, correct grammar and punctuation, on-point messaging, and a method for tracking advertising effectiveness. Complete and submit a Graphic Design Work Order Form to begin an advertising project. Please allow sufficient time for the Office to complete and/or prioritize other projects to meet your deadline.

The College Website

The Becker College website provides visitors with access to a wide range of information and utilizes dynamic and compelling visual images, comprehensive and engaging content, and timely information to fully describe Becker College, its programs, its people, and its successes.

The Office oversees and maintains the Becker College website, refreshes and updates upper-level pages, provides guidance to those who have been identified as content managers, reviews posted content, and ensures all web pages are revised and updated to reflect accurate and consistent information.

» Website Policies and Procedures

» Report a problem or submit feedback on the Becker College website.

Social Media

The Office maintains and oversees an official Becker College presence on a number of social media sites. Social media can present opportunities for the College’s offices, programs, and departments to drive an interest in their respective areas. View the Social Media Policies and Procedures, or call the Office for assistance in developing and maintaining a social media presence.


Any vendor creating merchandise (apparel, bags, writing utensils, mugs, etc.) bearing official Becker College marks (College seal, College logo, and athletics logo), whether for use through on-campus departments or organizations or for third party vendors to sell, must receive approval from the Office of Marketing & Strategic Communications before placing the College’s protected names or artwork on any merchandise. Vendors and others cannot alter the College’s marks in any way.

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