AntiVirus Tools

For Students who do not have any Anitvirus program, there are several free options below for different types of operating systems. Please donwload and install one anti-virus option prior to bringing your computer to campus. You may also purchase an antivirus program if desired.

The following vendors offer Antivirus packages that are compatable with CounterAct:




Malware Tools

Malware infections are becoming more common every year. There are several free anti-malware programs that you can use to fix or prevent malware. They include:

  • Malwarebytes: This tool can protect your computer as well as fix certain issues regarding malware. This program is NOT Mac compatible.

Usage tips: – Update your database frequently. We recommend scheduling bi-weekly scans on your computer. Malwarebytes has a built in scanning process that allows you to decide when you would like to scan your computer.

  • ClamXav: (Mac OS):  Clam is a free anitvirus for the Mac OS.  It is a lightweight application that scans your computer for viruses and malware.  It will help keep your computer running in a state more reminiscent of when it was first purchased, and help keep your private information safe.

Usage Tips: It is recommended to scan your PC fairly frequently, and keep your virus definitions always up to date (downloading a large backlog of virus definitions can take a while). In preferences > schedule, set “update virus definitions” to Every Day and “Scan” to any particular day for a weekly scan. You will want to scan any applications that you install, as well as your personal files.  In the source list, right click, choose “Add to list” and choose to add the “Applications” folder.

  • Ccleaner: This program protects your privacy online and makes your computer faster and more secure. The program clears temporary files, cookies, browsing history, and more. Ccleaner is available free for both PC and Mac.

Usage tips: We recommend running this program once a week. In the tools tab of Ccleaner you will find that you have the ability to choose what programs startup with your computer as well as the ability to uninstall programs directly through Ccleaner.  The free version of this software does not automatically update, we would suggest updating Ccleaner every time you use it. Ccleaner has a registry cleaner function; we recommend that you do NOT use this function unless you consider yourself an advanced user.


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