On Monday, April 21st, students will receive course evaluations in their BECKER EMAIL accounts.  Please discuss the value of student feedback on course evaluations and the basic information below:

  • Purpose: Course evaluations provide valuable student feedback for faculty to improve instruction and course offerings.
  • Confidentiality:  Instructors CANNOT identify or associate individual students with responses.
  • Incentive: Upon completion of each evaluation, students will be redirected to a separate form to enter contact information into a drawing to win one of five $50 VISA Gift Cards.  Winners will be notified Monday, May 5th.
  • Deadline: Course Evaluations close on Sunday, May 4th.
  • Process:  Complete a separate 10-question survey for each lecture, lab, clinical, etc.
    • Becker Email Option: All students receive separate emails for each section with a link they can click on to access the evaluation. If your course has more than 2 instructors you may choose to indicate the name of the instructor you are evaluating in the comments.

New options for In-class and Canvas access to course evaluations
nstructors are encouraged to provide 5-10 minutes during class for students to complete course evaluations on their smart phone or other electronic device.   Providing this opportunity will dramatically improve response rates.

Each instructor is provided with an image (called a QR code) that, if scanned by a smart phone, will directly access the instructors online course evaluation(s).  A student simply scans the image with their phone and begins the survey by selecting which section to evaluate.  The QR code can be scanned from a projected image (like a PowerPoint) or you may print a few copies for students to scan during the allotted class time. Posting this image on Canvas course sites may also increase response rates. The QR are currently not available for sections with multiple instructors.

Example Instructor QR Code

Some students may need to download a free app (such as QR Reader for iPhones or Android devices) before scanning the QR code. Students who don’t have a smart phone/tablet or choose not to use it can still access their evaluations via the emailed links, as in previous semesters. If you have questions, please contact

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