About Institutional Research

The fundamental mission of the Office of Institutional Research is to collect, analyze, and disseminate information for decision-making, assessment, enrollment management, and planning activities that support the realization of the Becker College strategic vision. In this capacity, IR assumes primary responsibility for analyzing and interpreting data about the performance of the College.

Key Functions

  • Serves as the primary provider of accurate and consistent information related to Becker College
  • Provides reporting  to government and non-government agencies
  • Supports the information demands of strategic planning and accreditation
  • Provides consultation on the best practices in institutional research, planning, and assessment

Vera Mauk 144 x 180Director

Vera Mauk is the research Director in the Office of Institutional Research at Becker College. She joined the Becker Community in 2015 with more than a decade of applied research experience.

Ms. Mauk worked as the associate director of Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona; as the senior research analyst at The College of the Holy Cross, in Worcester, Mass.; as a professional expert at Los Angeles Unified School District’s Program Evaluation and Research Branch (PERB); as an observer for Public/Private Ventures; data liaison for Policy Studies Associates; and as a research associate at Pomona College. She earned her master’s degree in Applied Developmental Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and her bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Stonehill College.


Assistant Director

Narine Hakobyan

For more information, contact:

Office of Institutional Research
Becker College
Weller Academic Center
61 Sever St.
Worcester, MA 01609

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