For Prospective Employees

Interested candidates for employment at Becker are encouraged to contact the Office of Human Resources with any questions about benefits or forms.




Benefit eligible employees will receive annual vacation time based on his/her assigned position on July 1 of each new fiscal year. All employees must use all vacation time by June 30 of that fiscal year. If vacation time is not used, it will be lost.

Vacation leave may not be used during the first 30 days of employment unless pre-arranged as a condition of employment. Vacation leave must be scheduled with your supervisor at a time which will be in the best interest of the College.

If an employee leaves the College during the fiscal year, vacation leave will be paid based on the number of months worked during that fiscal year. If the employee leaves the College during the fiscal year and has taken all of his/her available vacation, the employee will reimburse the College for vacation time yet to be earned.


For any employees hired before 7/1/17 having accrued leave from the prior fiscal year, this accrued time must be used by 7/1/21. After that, all time previously accrued will be lost.

NOTE: More detailed information on leaves will be contained in the revision of the Employee Handbook currently in progress.

Vacation Leave and Accrued Leave Policies are effective 7/1/17.

*Please print and send to specified destination.