Transportation Policy

Effective from this date forward, the rules for the use of College Transportation Department vehicles is being revised.

Departments will continue to make van and bus requests through the Transportation Department.

Vehicle reservations will be made on a first-come, first-served basis.

Reservations cannot be confirmed until all trip information has been supplied – including, but not limited to, destination, date and times of departure/arrival.

Request for vehicles, with or without drivers, must be made as far in advance as possible, but cannot be less than two weeks. One exception could be athletic teams involved in last minute league playoff games.

For reservations where the requesting organization/department intends to supply the driver, the driver’s name must be submitted at time of request. Drivers not pre-qualified by the College’s insurance company, and who have not undergone training, are NOT allowed to operate any College vehicles.

Pre-qualification and training of drivers is done annually. However, special accommodations can be made with three (3) weeks lead time.

There is a 350 mile round-trip limit to the use of College vehicles.

The one exception to the mileage limit is for the Athletic Department when it involves trips in the New England states to play League teams.

The Transportation Department reserves the rights to make any and all final decisions as to the allocations of vehicles and drivers.

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