Sophomore Shadow Program – Sponsors Guide

What is the Sophomore Shadow Program?

This is a program co-sponsored by the Becker College Alumni Office, the Sophomore Year Experience and the Center for Career Education and Advising designed to expose sophomores to see firsthand what it is like to work as a professional in a field that they may be interested in pursuing. Becker College alumni, parents, and employers are welcome to sign up to sponsor a job shadow. Most shadow experiences are one day long though many are shorter (a half day). The meet occurs at a time that is convenient for both the sponsor and the student. Students spend time observing and working with the shadow sponsors to gain insights into potential career paths.


For more information, contact or 774.354.0448.

What happens at a shadow day?

Any variety of activities may happen when a student visits for a shadow day. It is up to the sponsor to determine what is best. Examples of activities that can be considered include:  Tour of department or organization, informational interviews, attendance at staff meetings, visit with constituents/clients/customers, “show-and-tell” regarding projects sponsors are currently working on.

How do I volunteer to be a Shadow Sponsor?

Complete the quick information sheet that is on the Career Center website. A staff member will reach out to you to let you know if we think there will be a match for you.

If I volunteer am I guaranteed a student?

A match is not guaranteed due to a number of factors that go into selection and matching. As this is a new program, the numbers of students eligible to participate will be very small and we do not know in advance what their career interests are. However, if you are not matched with a student this year, there are still many valuable ways for you to offer career assistance that include providing internship and job opportunities, and conversing with students via phone or email about your occupation/career field or participating in a future industry panel.

What should I expect from the Becker Student?

The Shadow Sponsor can expect the student to arrive on time, be appropriately dressed and ready to spend the time learning, observing and asking questions. Since the program is designed to provide students with exposure to a field, it is not expected that the student will have relevant job experience. The student is not expected to be assigned to perform any clerical tasks throughout the day. Students value the opportunity to observe projects, to meet with colleagues, and to engage in activities that give them insight into a field.

Are Shadow Sponsors expected to reimburse the student in any way?

The job shadow program is unpaid. Students are responsible for their own transportation, accommodation, and food expenses. If you are hosting the student for a full day and want to provide them lunch, that is fine as well.

Must I consider the student to be a potential employee?

No. There is no expectation by the Center for Career Education and Advising that involvement will result in hiring students for jobs or internships (though it has happened in the past!). We certainly welcome Shadow Sponsors to inquire about student interest in any internships or jobs that their organizations may offer. Shadow Sponsors often keep in contact with students upon completion of the program.

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