The Becker College Police Department recognizes that in order to aid in each student’s development as a global citizen, the education received within academic study must be matched by the educational efforts outside the classroom. We are proud to provide a number of services that convey our proactive approach to law enforcement. These include:

Educational Services

  • Living safely on campus
  • Work study information sessions
  • Fire safety programming
  • Road rage awareness programming
  • Residence life training

Crime Prevention and Deterrence

  • Safety escorts
  • Fatal Vision
  • RAD systems
  • Emergency phones
  • STOP Theft program
  • Fire safety inspections
  • Operation identification
  • Vehicle identification number auto etching
  • Timely warning notifications

Patrol and Response

  • 24-hour patrolling
  • Mobile patrol
  • Foot patrol
  • Bicycle patrol
  • Investigations
  • Specialized training

For more infromation on these programs please visit here.

For More Information, Contact:

David J. Bousquet
Chief of Campus Police
38 Roxbury Street
Worcester, MA 01609